Joseph Pareti's AI Consulting Services

NEW: I will NEVER deal with Russians, Serbians ,  Belarus or Montenegro. Any request from those will be ignored.


Here is a verbose resume of mine:


My newest AI  focus is bio-sciences applications and  Natural Language Processing.

Moreover, I recently joined a team of HPC experts wanting to build a startup :


here is my preliminary website and a business development agenda for the team.


And the following paragraph is about the activities & projects for the last 3 years.


Today a one-man company designed to help customers discover the value that Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning can bring to the table. Especially, but not exclusively at the intersection with High Performance Computing and Computer Aided Engineering.


Manufacturing companies in the process of digital transformation can today take advantage of predictive analytics and maintenance. Likewise, users of HPC tools can benefit from dramatically reduced time-to-solution that deep learning algorithms provide when compared to traditional simulation codes.


Starting as a collaborative effort with our partners, we aim at bringing the power of Azure Cloud, GPU technology and Engineering Cloud into your environment to significantly reduce manufacturing OPEX and speed-up the what-if analysis required in product development.  


In 2020, I had to rethink my business as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, and I decided to seize the opportunity for e-learning and attending virtual events.


I also started to work on a project, Listen Attend Spell on ML for Automatic Speech Recognition, which is currently on hold.

However, there is new life in this project using Nvidia NeMo


I have updated  my GitHub repos with the Udacity projects in 2020, including a project on Identifying Customer Segments using unsupervised Machine Learning. and some exercises on PyTorch and scikit-learn .



ACTIVITIES AND Consulting services

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  1. Predictive Maintenance in Azure Cloud
  2. Accelerating time-to-solution of Computation Fluid Dynamic models using Deep Learning 
  • customer's workshops and presentations in collaboration with industry partners
  • Scope of Work definition 
  • Proof of Concept
case studies with Ubercloud
UberCloud Compendium AI 2019.pdf
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I am a long time industry expert having worked for SKF, Digital Equiment, Compaq and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in various roles including R&D Engineer,  Application Engineer, CAE and HPC Consultant, and Pre-Sales solutions architect.


joseph pareti' s resume
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