Joseph Pareti's AI Consulting Services

Joseph Pareti's AI Consulting Services specializes in providing AI solutions to manufacturing and healthcare businesses


This is my business agenda covering activities and projects in the last 5 years on:


- High Performance Computing

- AI for Engineering, such as CAE, Computation Fluid Dynamics and FEM

- Work with partners such as Microsoft, Nvidia and AWS

- Project work e.g. Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning algorithms

- Natural Language Processing and Generative AI

- Conferences such as GPU Technology Conference and Supercmputing



 My AI  focus is bio-sciences applications,  Natural Language Processing and Engineering.


Today a one-man company designed to help customers discover the value that Artificial Intelligence can bring to the table using :

- AI for HPC : reduced time-to-solution

- HPC for AI : apply parallel computing algorithms such as MPI

- Work with Cloud providers



 Please check my linkedin page for posts and updates on my projects and tasks.


Some of my experiments are in GitHub repos  such as the Udacity projects in 2020, including a project on Identifying Customer Segments using unsupervised Machine Learning. and some exercises on PyTorch and scikit-learn .


Note: I will NEVER deal with Russians, Serbians ,  Belarus , Montenegro, Israel.  Any request from those will be ignored.   This is my verbose resume.



ACTIVITIES AND Consulting services

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  1. Predictive Maintenance in Azure Cloud
  2. Accelerating time-to-solution of Computation Fluid Dynamic models using Deep Learning 
  • customer's workshops and presentations in collaboration with industry partners
  • Scope of Work definition 
  • Proof of Concept
case studies with Ubercloud
UberCloud Compendium AI 2019.pdf
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my resume till 2020
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I am a long time industry expert having worked for SKF, Digital Equiment, Compaq and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in various roles including R&D Engineer,  Application Engineer, CAE and HPC Consultant, and Pre-Sales solutions architect.